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The delegation of International Labour Organization visited Shanghai


Mr. Gregory Vines, deputy director general of International Labour Organization (ILO), visited Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (SHRSSB) from November 14th to 16th to further strengthen the connection between China and ILO and improve the cooperation in human resources and social security, accompanied by his special assistant Jiang Mohui and related personnel from Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. It has been 30 years since China resumed activity in ILO and the relationship between China and ILO has been improved significantly with joint effort of both sides.

The delegation, accompanied by Ying Hongqing, deputy director general of SHRSSB, visited Public Vocational Training Base in Tianshan Road, on the afternoon of November 14th and discussed in detail employment promotion and vocational training in Shanghai. The delegation, accompanied by the Department of International Cooperation of SHRSSB, also visited Shanghai Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on the morning of November 15th, to exchange information about China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone.

Prior to his departure on the evening of November 16th, Mr. Vines said he was strongly impressed by the work of employment promotion and vocational training in Shanghai and hoped to share the experience with other member states. He also expressed his gratitude for the worm reception and wished better cooperation in the fields of employment, social security and readjustment of labour relations.