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    What about water and food quality?

  • What about water and food quality?
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    A person should never drink tap water in China. Bottled water is readily available. A person should always check if the seal on bottled water is unbroken. Sometimes, a water dispenser will be available in your apartment.

    Food should be thoroughly cooked. Be aware that sometimes food purchased on the street, such as roasted meat on a stick, might not be thoroughly cooked. In such cases, the person will often experience bouts of diarrhea or upset stomach. It is wise to carry chewable Pepto Bismol or some other remedy. The Chinese will often eat a whole clove of raw garlic prior to eating out where they are unsure of the food quality.

    If you feel food poisoned, you will need to visit a doctor/clinic/hospital for treatment. Inform your host institution and they will help you.

    Any fever, diarrhea, or loss of weight over a long period of time needs to be attended to by a physician.