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Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SHAFEA) is responsible for introduction of overseas talents and administration of foreign experts, employment of foreigners, returned Chinese scholars, expatriates in China and personnel from Taiwan, HongKong and Macau; coordinating dispatch of personnel from non-educational organizations to study abroad and corresponding settlement upon their return; review and administration of overseas training plan and corresponding personnel.


1. To draft local policies, schemes and annual plan regarding foreign experts, returned Chinese scholars, returned overseas experts and specialists from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, as well as central administration and statistical analysis of the aforesaid personnel. To undertake approval and administration of foreign expert working permit, employer’s license for engaging foreign experts and foreign expert certificate in the municipality, as assigned by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

2. To draft the budget of special funds for introduction of foreign experts, overseas Chinese scholars and high-end talents in the municipality, and to supervise its implementation. To review and approve applications for Permanent Residence and Shanghai Residence Permit B by overseas Chinese scholars working in Shanghai and certification of enterprises owned by returned overseas Chinese scholars. To provide guidance and administration for local business incubation park for returned Chinese scholars; to organize, guide and administer service platform for returned overseas Chinese scholars, as well as routine administration of overseas liaison offices affiliated to Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. To approve and administer dispatch of personnel from local non-educational organizations to study abroad.

3. To draw up local policies regarding overseas training; draft annual overseas training plan; organize and supervise the implementation. To coordinate international exchange programs and introduce and administer overseas talent programs.

4. To administer employment of overseas personnel in Shanghai; to undertake routine work of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreigner’s Employment and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Employment for Personnel from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

5. To supervise routine work of Shanghai Association for International Exchange of Personnel, and Shanghai Association for Returned Chinese Scholars.